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Lamp83 brightens two Office Spaces: OIS & G42

April - 2021
Dharmendra Patel - MD

We have been associated with Lamp 83 for well over seven years, a company whose products cater mainly to the retail, commercial and hospitality segments. We have found them to be innovative, keeping themselves a step ahead in the industry and thereby leading to successful projects.

We are pleased to showcase two recent projects where Lamp 83 fixtures have been used for their technical superiority, aesthetic design and versatility. Going forward, we are confident of deploying more of their latest products and adding to our tally of delighted customers.
Lamp 83 lights up offices

Lamp 83, established more than 50 years ago, is reputed for the reliability, innovation and design of its wide range of products that cater to the retail, commercial and hospitality segments.

Creation has had over seven years of association with Lamp 83, cemented with an exclusive distribution agreement in 2017. Lamp 83 products have been used in several projects of ours. We wish to focus on two recent high-end projects in this article.

Online Integrated Office (OIS) Office is the official partner of a number of diplomatic missions and a specialist visa and passport application agency. They manage visa and passport issuance-related administrative and other tasks.
Their solution includes a Dubai based, dedicated visa and passport application center, and their intuitive, easy to use website for application requirement verification and appointment scheduling.

Creation was tasked with the supply of light fixtures and lighting control system as well as testing and commissioning for lighting controls. Lamp 83 DALI fixtures were chosen with Helvar controls for their high quality and efficiency in line with the stringent project requirements. We also included Gallis spotlights for accents. The design concept by Znera required square single and twin fixtures with multiple outputs while having minimal glare and uniform distribution.
OIS Office Images
Group 42 (G42) Office based in Abu Dhabi, is a leading Artificial Intelligence and Cloud Computing company dedicated to the development and implementation of holistic and scalable technology solutions.

Creation was tasked with the supply of architectural and decorative light fixtures. The design requirements by Studio Theta called for both surface and recessed fixtures from the same family while giving uniform light distribution. Lamp 83 fixtures were the ideal choice.
G42 Office Images

The Lamp 83 Joy series used in both the projects comes with A+ efficiency. All the variants (recessed, Semi-recessed, Surface) not only emit a surprisingly strong light considering their small sizes besides but also good distribution of light due to the high quality lens used.
Light Tip
Light up your indoors
There are three types of indoor lighting to consider.
(1) Ambient lighting for majority of your room. It usually comes from recessed lighting, track lighting or wall mounted fixtures.
(2) Accent lighting for highlighting a particular focal point - Picture lights, wall mounted fixtures or track lighting are used.
(3) Task lighting is used to complete a certain function. It ranges from desk lamps to pendant lights to evenly lighten the tabletops.

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