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Retail Detail at Dubai Duty Free

June - 2021
Dharmendra Patel - MD

Dubai Duty Free, one of the biggest travel retail operators in the world has received over 700 awards regionally and globally in its 37 years history and is still growing. It has opened a new shoppers paradise in the departure area of Terminal 3 of Dubai International Airport. This new shopping arcade features a total retail space of 1,100 sqm which is a significant increase over its previous retail area of 660 sqm.

We are proud to be associated with Dubai Duty Free projects for many years. The project featured today involves supply of specialized and customized light fixtures for joineries. Although we expected delays due to the pandemic, our team did their best and managed to deliver all the requirements on time. We look forward to playing a significant role in the expansion of Dubai Duty Free in the years ahead.

Dubai Duty Free logo

Retail Detail

Project - Dubai Duty Free

Consultant - RCD

Contractor - Arco Turnkey Solutions Contracting LLC

Dubai Duty Free was founded in 1983 and has since grown into one of the biggest travel retail operators in the world. Starting with a first-year sales of US $20 million, it has recorded annual sales of over US $697 million. 

Creation has been associated with Dubai Duty Free projects for many years. The latest project involved supply of customized and extremely specialised light fixtures to be incorporated within the joinery work. Hats off to the creative design by RCD the consultants of the project. It was a pleasure working with Arco Turnkey Solutions Contracting - the contractors on the project.

“The light fittings installed had to be customised as they are linear fixtures which need to be fixed into cabinets/joineries of specific dimensions. The fixture lengths had to be customized to suit the project requirement.” reveals Mr. Patel. “These lights are fitted into the woodwork to create a play of light that creates an atmosphere that can be experienced more than it can be explained. Few attribute the subtle effect lighting has on enhancing sales of luxury goods by adding luxe to surroundings. However, there is much that goes into selecting the perfect light to showcase expensive merchandise at its best. The wattage, number of LED’s, color rendering index, color temperature and voltage of the lighting are just a few of the specs that need to be determined to ensure optimum effect. We were expecting delays in deliveries due to the current pandemic situation, but the team managed to pull through and we were able to deliver everything on time.”
Interior of Dubai Duty Free project done by Creation Gulf
Interior of Dubai Duty Free project done by Creation Gulf
Lighting, especially in retail, was earlier considered as task oriented and functional, but is now emerging as a powerful variable that could shape the consumer experience. It is important that store owners take color temperature and color rendering into account when setting up their lighting systems. Researchers have found that bright lights and color temperature evoke a sense of comfort and spaciousness. However, if the lighting is too bright, it can trigger anxiety and pressure in some consumers. 

Lighting design also depends on the goods that are highlighted. For example, spotlights that focus light directly on the goods and give maximum visual impact are ideal for luxury products. Warmer color and evenly distributed lighting can make fresh food look more attractive. Merchandise kept in the promotional zone should generally have 20% more brightness than other areas. Also, the lighting should be in several directions. Light on frozen food should make the food seem fresh and clean. The color temperature of the light must be kept as low as possible to balance the light and fresh look. Warm, soft, pure white light is best for fruits, vegetables and flowers.

Retail lighting goes much beyond providing a simple ambience. The lighting designer has a big role to play, for example, in influencing a window shopper into becoming a loyal customer. New technologies, such as LEDs, now allow lighting to be fully incorporated into architectural elements giving rise to exponential growth in lighting opportunities. Retailers, with the help of lighting designers, are successfully deploying lighting as a part of brand strategy, with superior quality, lighting consistency both in terms of strict adherence to specifications and also from store-to-store. Lighting designers help to have a customized lighting solution that matches the brand aesthetic through contrasting light systems using a mixture of textured lighting areas throughout the store. 
Light tip by Creation

Using lights in store!

Natural or warm white light is best. A high CRI LED light will show colours most accurately & illuminate aisles to guide customers through the store as shoppers shouldn't feel like they're lost in a maze. Give them a sense of direction to know how to get where they want to go and where to look.

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