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Similar Scope - Diverse Approach

December - 2021
Dharmendra Patel - MD
In a study supported by KEO, a leading consulting company and Majid Al Futtaim in April 2020, the UAE had 386 LEED certified projects with a total built up area of 5.9 million sq.m. Additionally, 4,000 sq.m of built-up area in the UAE is WELL certified, an international performance-based system for certifying buildings based on their impact on human health and well-being. Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) is a program that offers certifications for Green Buildings. 

Creation is an active partner in this sphere. This is evident from the number of LEED certification projects that we are called in to contribute with our expertise. We are sure that as the nation emerges from the Post Covid gloom, the demand for products and services that cater to the stringent requirements that match LEED certification will only rise.

Similar scope - Diverse approach

Two Projects- the Aldar Academies and the Well-Fit Gym both unique and challenging in their own ways, and both of which demanded different levels of expertise that addressed diverse challenges. While the Aldar Academies headquarters at Yas mall, Abu Dhabi went in to score the Green Building Council’s Platinum LEED certification, the WellFit Gym’s latest branch at Circle Mall in JVC is certain to redefine lighting for a fitness environment.
Aldar Academies Logo
LEED leads the way at Aldar Academies!
Project: Aldar Academies
Designer: Design & Build for Al Tayer Stocks
Contractor: Al Tayer Stocks
LEED Consultant: Platinum Sustainable Development International
Aldar has seven academies in Abu Dhabi. Al Tayer Stocks shares a time tested relationship with us. At the newly built Aldar Academies HQ, in Yas Mall, Al Tayer Stocks (ATS) decided to pursue LEED Platinum certification. Considering the detailed design scope involved, ATS approached Team Creation to assist them in finding a solution for lighting and automation controls.

Compliance with LEED calls for specific minimum UGR values, CRI values and Wattages/sq Meter. Matching the standards on all three parameters while ensuring the required light levels are maintained is a challenge.
Aldar Academies
We were provided with the generic parameters for the type of fixtures to be used. Our scope entailed identifying suitable fixtures which would help us achieve the required lighting standards while meeting the stringent LEED requirements.

“When it came to Lighting control, over the course of execution, some specifications changed. These had to be accommodated with minimal time and cost implications, so we had to get creative with our solutions,” reveals Mr. Dharmendra Patel, MD, Creation.
Lighting & lighting control at Aldar Academies by Creation
Both lighting and automation teams worked closely in tandem with contractors to ensure the best possible solution in terms of features, compatibility and cost-effectiveness was achieved. In both cases, we worked closely with the contractors, especially from a design perspective.

We learnt how planning well ahead of schedule and constant communication can ensure a well executed project 
Wellfit Logo

The Well-Lit Gym
Project: Wellfit Gym
Client: Arada
Contractor: Arco Group
Lighting in gyms should support a concentrated workout for athletes. It should aim to keep them safe and focused. In the gym, which functions as a fitness center, light level in the range of 200-300 lux is required and good uniformity levels were achieved.

More so, non-disturbing light sources that offer even distribution are needed. All light sources should be designed to prevent direct glare and good illumination is required in all the major workout areas.
Wellfit Gym
Our scope covered the design supply, testing and commissioning of lighting and lighting control system in the main gym workout area, MMA studio, retail areas, yoga room and the offices. The design intent called for soft, warm, uniform lighting and the concept was primarily towards linear lighting. 

The client’s requirement was for triangular and rectangular linear light fixtures to cover a major portion of the gym. These had to be customized since the installation of these lights was the most exciting part of this project. 
Lighting solutions at Wellfit Gym by Creation
In special classes such as yoga, pilates and Zumba a dimming control system that creates the desired environment and is able to utilize the daylight with maximum efficiency is needed. At the Wellfit Gym too automation and control has been used to dim down the lights for some areas like spin studio and yoga room.

“We primarily custom linear fixtures whereas for controls a Dali router, repeater and controller were installed. Since this was a difficult project, given the many customised linear fixtures involved, Arco, the contractor, entrusted it to us and we managed to wrap it up in a stringent project deadline.”
Lighting Control solution at Wellfit Gym by Creation
Light Tip

LED’s- The LEED inspired dream!
LED’s have a life span of up to 50,000 hours. They consume 80% less power than incandescent and 20% less than fluorescent lights. They produce little to no infrared (IR), or ultraviolet (UV) radiation, contain no mercury, harmful gases or toxins. This makes them the first choice for any builder trying to achieve LEED status.

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