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February - 2019
Dharmendra Patel
It gives me great pleasure to announce that Creation have recently finished The King’s College Hospital London in Duba Hills, providing a turnkey solution of lighting and lighting control systems. This project is a joint venture between Al Tayer Group, Dubai Investments and UK-based Ashmore Group. 

The project saw our team rise up to the challenges of working within tight CIBSE guidelines and lent us a whole new breadth of experience.

King’s College Hospital London has three operational Medical Centres in the UAE; one in Abu Dhabi open since 2014, in Jumeirah open since 2017, and the latest in Dubai Marina that was inaugurated in September 2018. This was closely followed by the 100-bed King’s College Hospital London that opened in January 2019 in Dubai Hills.

King's College Hospital London - Dubai Hills
King's College Hospital London, Dubai Hills Estate Creation was tasked with the Supply, Testing, and Commissioning of the Lighting and Lighting Control System for both the Internal and Landscape areas.

“We closely collaborated with Shapoorji Pallonji Middle East, main contractor on this project. Shapoorji Pallonji entrusted us to come up with a comprehensive Lighting and Controls solution which matches the design intent, is simple to install, and easy to operate—a task our team executed successfully” said Mr. Patel.

The project is a 100 bed multi- specialty hospital, so the area is sizeable. An entire gamut of products such as - Avolux, Pamir, Massifcentral, Neonica, Gallis, Collingwood, and Euroceil stretch ceiling were used to achieve the lighting design intent. With regards to Controls, we chose a Helvar based DALI Control solution through out the project. The installed system was programmed for various concept depending on area of application ranging from Daylight Saving, Presence/Absence Sensing, Control Plate based Scene Setting, and Timer operations.

King's college Hospital Reception

The parameters were quite stringent. UGR values required had to be less than 19. WME - the consultant on the project, was particular on following the CIBSE guidelines in product selection and our lighting design matched design intent, aesthetics as well as the CIBSE guidelines.

“The mammoth project came with its own challenges. The Design Intent and On-Site conditions would normally have called for extensive cabling. However, a unique solution was designed with multiple relays as field devices and Ethernet networking between floors which significantly reduced wiring and complexities in installation. Furthermore, the Controls Team worked closely with the Lighting Team to ensure compatibility between Lighting and Controls components to further reduce any issues on-site during execution. Another major challenge was to match the stringent technical parameters within the budget, while ensuring delivery schedules were met,” explains MD, -Creation, Mr. Dharmendra.

Adaptability was the name of the game. “What you propose on Day 1 and what eventually got executed was hardly ever the same. As experts and specialists, we had to ensure that we design the right solutions on the go to ensure the design intent was matched. We lived up to the phrase ‘When the going gets tough, the tough get going’”, in the real sense reveals Mr. Patel.

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Healthy Lighting

A study revealed that patients receive only 105 lux daily which is low lighting level. Our bodies need minimum 1,500 lux for 15 minutes daily to avoid sleep and mood disorders.

In hospitals it is recommended to replace older T12 or T8 technologies with Super T8 lighting fixtures which reduces noise and flicker along with energy consumption by 20 to 30 percent.


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