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Light.ication V3

October - 2018
Dharmendra Patel
Light ME 2018 started on a buoyant note. Currently, with Dubai’s eyes down focused on 2020 and with Saudi Arabia opening doors both economically and culturally, the region is receiving a much-needed boost.

The demand curve tilts upwards even as we received enquiries from far afield as Sri Lanka, Bahrain, Kuwait and Iran. What was encouraging however, is the emphasis on assuring quality in projects.

We at Creation are committed to honing future talent with Light.ication, a competition nurturing the next generation of architects and lighting designers allows us this opportunity. This year was no different. It was a pleasure to support this amazing event conceptualised by Sakin Dugawalla, Design Director and founder Light.Func in which Five teams, three from Dubai and one each from Saudi Arabia and Abu Dhabi pitted their talents against each other in a bid to take home the prize.

Light.icationV3.0, an initiative by Light.Func in association with Light Middle East that brings together university students, lighting design studios along with architectural/ID design firms saw five teams participating this year. Experienced Lighting Design studios teamed up with architectural/ID firms to show the collaborative process in project work and the co-dependency between different disciplines as well as each role they play. As mentors, giving their time to create the installations with students, put the whole industry up for a session of fun, stress and creativity.
Each year, Light.ication revolves around a theme. This year honoured the Year of Zayed. In commemoration of the founding father of the UAE, participants through Light.ication showcased the impact of his legacy, with a focus on Sheikh Zayed's belief that investing in people’s knowledge and capabilities would result in the greatest dividends for society.

Light.ication Poster
The educational competition was judged by Brendan Keely of Society of Light and Lighting, Martin Lupton and Sharon Stammers of Light Collective and Dan Hodgson of ACDC. For the first time in the history of Light.ication, two teams were announced as joint winners, to the delight of Light.Func and Messe FrankfurtThe dedication these two newcomers put in, really set the bar high for future competitions.
Zayed University Poster

Winners - Zayed University, Abu Dhabi 
  • Alyaa Naser
  • Reem Saeed
  • Fatima AL Nuiaimi
  • Marwa ALJabri
  • Shreena ALHameli
  • Zainab ALBlooki
Lighting Designer
Nathan Savage

Design Director
Nathan Savage Lighting Design

Architect / ID
Marwan Wakim

Design Director
Kristina Zanic Consultants FZ
Nathan Savage, Design Director, Nathan Savage Lighting Design shares his experience.

“The title of this year’s Light.ication - ‘Year of Zayed’ set a very strong subject and it became evident very quickly the admiration and respect that the students had for their hugely influential forefather.
Everything from the various materials utilised to the colour of light were carefully selected to reinforce this connection and the on-going legacy that His Highness Sheikh Zayed left for his people. We only had three weeks from start to finish due to the University term starting only just before Light Middle East this year. Geographically the team being in Abu Dhabi also presented a challenge however the workshop facilities available to them at Techshop were instrumental in the overall initiative. We were able to meet several times for workshops. With the use of WhatsApp, ideas and timely progress updates were shared between the students, Marwan and myself as mentors, and the team at Creation. The installation definitely evolved during the 3 weeks leading up to the event and with much experimentation. Flexibility and open-mindedness was a key factor to the success of the project and with changes in materials and the lighting approach along the way, affording a constantly changing and improving concept.”
Creation, provided technical support, provided lights for testing and mock ups and supplied Casambi control systems and assisted students with programming.
ZU Installation 3
Prince Sultan University Poster
Winners - Prince Sultan University, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  • Shaima Fahad Muhammad Al-Washmi
  • Shaimaa Marwan Abdullah Al-Ghilani
  • Ammgad Hamad Nasser Altalyan
  • Sara Mohammed Aoudah Alsaawy
  • Rahaf Khalid Abdullah Al-Khamis
  • Nada Muntasir Mohammed Tabbaa
  • Kawther Mohamed Ismail Nabhan
  • Yara Abdullah Muhammad Alabdulkareem
  • Lama Khalid Abdullah Alabdullatif
  • Haifa Abdulmajeed Abdulaziz Alhokair
  • Nejood Hatim Dekhiel Aldekhiel
Lighting Designer
Khaled Al Hasan
Principal | Owner

Forma Lighting

Architect / ID
Abdulaziz Al Azem
Principal | Owner
Design Tech Services
Installation Theme:
Drawing parallels between His Excellency Sheikh Zayed and the national bird of the UAE, which symbolises, precision, intelligence and focus. The falcon wing represents the umbrella of care and protection that the leader provided to the nation.

The team required minor on-site support and it was the first appearance of a regional team at the show.
PSU Installation 1
American University of Dubai Poster

Team American University of Dubai with Mentor:

Lighting Designer
Faraz Izhar

Senior Lighting Designer
KEO International Consultants

Installation Theme:
‘PRO-gress PRO-tect’, focused on the founding father's zeal for environmental protection and sustainability on the path to progress.
“This years’ experience was truly wonderful. It was truly an astonishing and inspiring atmosphere with all teams working towards creating an installation paying homage to Sheikh Zayed’s legacy and vision. As we started a bit late, we had to work against the clock. Nevertheless, the students and their professor made well up for it by full participation. Special mention here to Professor Kristin Lee for her tremendous support and words of encouragement at all the sessions, and at the booth as well.

Most of them are just second year students but they already have a good, strong grasp on architectural and lighting design aspects of interior design. The backbone of the whole initiative is to unleash student's creative skills using light as a medium; and I was thoroughly impressed with the effort they put in.”

Creation provided Casambi for dimming and lighting controls and guided students with programming.
AUD Installation 1
AUD Installation 2
AUD Installation 3
Manipal University Poster

Team Manipal Academy of Higher Education with Mentors:

Lighting Designer
Vinod Pillai

Lighting Designer
LW Design

Architect / ID
Samjad Kandilat

Partner | Principal 
Plural Design

Installation Theme:
Sheikh Zayed’s star sign was Taurus. Manipal University's installation drew comparisons between the leader's stalwart personality that led to the formation of the UAE and its seven Emirate and his star sign.
Apparently, the Taurus constellation’s major star cluster is Pleaides– a cluster of seven stars known as the Seven Sisters, Pleiades is visible to the naked eye and is one of the sky’s brightest objects, much like Sheikh Zayed who is the shining star in UAE history.

Samjad Kandliar says, “This was the first time we were involved, but it was an interesting event that helped us explore our creatives selves further. The students showed design maturity beyond their age. From my previous experience with students, I can say that this team was so much more driven and enthusiastic.”

According to Vinod Pillai, Lighti.cation has grown by leaps and bounds with more involvement from the universities, mentors and sponsors. “Students seemed more aware and ever willing to explore. Support from all sponsors, particularly Creation Gulf and Huda Lighting was tremendous.”

 “Although the students and the mentors had worked separately even before the first meeting, we were fortunate that the conceptual ideas matched in many aspects which was a good start. A few sessions of layering and streamlining the myriad ideas, resulted in what we did. The students were very involved at every stage and all aspects. Fun to work with young designers; to step back and view the world from their perspective. There’s a lot we learn from them too. Great team from MAHE!”

Creation was involved right from the start during mock-ups and testing stage. Students were assisted in the installation, use and operation of specialized lighting by PixLum.
MAHE Installation 1
StudioLumen Poster

Team Heriot-Watt University:

Lighting Designer
Siddharth Mathur


Installation Theme:
A reflection of Sheikh Zayed's vision and his achievements from the past to the present, with a glimpse into the future- which leads one into the explorations of the self. The conclusion- that we are the future and the future will be colourful.
Siddharth Mathur shares, “Our experience at Light.ication was very good. The theme provided a large canvas to brainstorm ideas and as a team we were thrilled with the final concept that the Studio Lumen team developed. Our biggest challenge was to execute the concept within the budget. Our installation largely utilized scrap material and the lighting fixtures used were also very generic and basic, with very simple controls.”
SL Installation 1
SL Installation 2
SL Installation 3
SL Installation 4
SL Installation 5
Creation provided Casambi for dimming and lighting controls and guided students with programming.
Light Tip Image
Light Sensitisation

When it come to LED lights they are available between 2700K to 6500K graded from warm to cool. But remember the warmer colours work well in more relaxed environments with warmer colour decoration such as in domestic living rooms, restaurants and hospitality areas.

The cooler colours work well to help create a lively environment with lighter colour decoration such as domestic kitchens, offices, warehousing and in retail spaces.

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