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Renaissance Downtown Opens Doors

July - 2018
Dharmendra Patel
Here in the Middle East we are observing the holy month Dubai’s ever-changing skyline continues to evolve. As the city races to launch new hotels and towers in its effort to meet the Expo 2020 deadline, the Renaissance Downtown is the latest addition to this exciting line up. What’s more, is we too are adding it into our portfolio of finished projects.

Located in Dubai’s exciting new trend-setting neighborhood, Business Bay, Renaissance Dubai or RenDxb as it is called boasts 298 guestrooms including 65 suites each with Burj Khalifa or Dubai Water Canal views. 

Clare Craig and her team at WA international, a leading Dubai based interior design firm have delivered a space whose modern interiors are clearly locally inspired. Its story was woven out of the tale of Dubai, a city whose concrete and glass skyscrapers have sprung out of the sands. 

Neolight, an award-winning lighting studio, and Creation Gulf are old allies when it comes to working together on a variety of projects. 

“It was Neolight that retained our services for the Design, Supply, Testing, and Commissioning of Lighting Control Systems for all the public spaces including the main lobby and five restaurants that include the renowned restaurant brand Morimoto- in Dubai for the first time and the famous Six Senses Spa. Together, we have worked on enhancing and transforming all these spaces into uplifting places that people want to enjoy, experience and use.” Says Mr. Dharmendra Patel.

Light plays an integral role in the emphasis on the raw and natural materials such as wood, concrete and metal chain curtains that act as dividers in the reception area.

Dune theme Glass Chandelier
Highlighting the desert theme is the huge hand-blown glass chandelier, made in Prague by Lasvit, whose shape is inspired from a sand-dune.

The gold and black chandelier represents Dubai’s connection to both black oil and gold. The skyline installation in the lobby is a story of a city and its desert heritage.

“A combination of Mode Lighting’s Evolution and Tiger modules were used. Additionally, the same was integrated with eDIN to provide DALI control and connectivity to Wi-Fi/Ethernet for ease of operation and monitoring,” reveals Mr. Patel.

NeoLight opted for Mode Lighting Control systems in virtually every public space. “The product is one of the best in Architectural dimming systems. Besides, the Evolution range allows the client flexibility on the light fitting selection. Evolution channels can be configured to work as Phase Dimming, 0-10V Dimming, 1-10V Dimming, DMX, or simply Switching. Furthermore, it is capable of controlling all types of load (LED, Incandescent, Halogen, Cold Cathode etc.),” he continues.

Given the scale of the project, the numerous public spaces, five restaurants and the Six Senses spa, incorporated almost every type of dimming protocol. The various combinations of lights were programmed to respond to a variety of triggers including Control Plates, AV systems, Astronomical timer, and Override switches.

Clare Craig and her team’s vision of creating a modern story of Dubai as told through the interior design at RenDxb is brought alive by Neolight’s expertise in enhancing spaces through the right degree, shape and size of lights.

When the wind blows in the desert, it etches its presence on the sand in amazing patterns. Many such desert references are found sprinkled all throughout the interiors of the hotel.

Clever Lighting Crack

For instance, on every floor, there is a “crack” next to the floor number in the elevator lobby that is backlit to reflect gold tones.  This crack is taken straight off the desert floor when it becomes dry and takes to cracking up. The clever lighting makes the crack appear even more striking.

Morimoto Dubai is chef Masaharu Morimoto’s first opening in the UAE. His style merges Western and Japanese culinary traditions to suit the American palate. This 250pax seater features three private dining rooms and four outdoor terraces that include private areas. The most important feature is the live teppanyaki counter overseen by one of Morimoto’s highly skilled Japanese chefs.

Morimoto Dubai | RenDxb
Clare Craig and her team also worked closely with Japanese chef Masaharu Morimoto, to create a modern Japanese inspired interior. The lights in Morimoto are based on popular Japanese fireworks displays and festivals.

Bhar, The RenDxb’s middle eastern restaurant offers an atmosphere to match. The contemporary theme continues at Basta! and Bleu Blanc where chef David Myers gives authentic Italian and French cuisine a new twist, to suit the refined foodie culture of Dubai.

Basta! interiors use raw and natural materials, such as stone, wood, and metal to deliver an industrial-look highlighted by Edison-inspired light bulbs, that hang from the exposed ceiling. Think of a southern French farmhouse and you know where David Myers gets his cues for Bleu Blanc restaurant interiors.

Bhar | RenDxb
Basta | RenDxb
Blue Blanc | RenDxb
Grounded | RenDxb
Six Senses Spa | RenDxb

Located on level five of the Renaissance Downtown Hotel, Dubai, is the Six Senses Spa that features six treatment suites each designed and dedicated to a different sense – sight, sound, touch, taste, smell and intuition.
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New power technologies

Until now, LED luminaires have typically come with a ‘driver’ that converts the mains electricity supply into a form the light can use. But now new power technologies are appearing, with a range of benefits. The latest innovation is power-over-Ethernet, which provides electricity through data cables.

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