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Say Hello to daliGate Quad

May - 2018
Dharmendra Patel
Eighteen months ago, Creation cemented its six-year-old relationship with Artistic Licence and became the official UAE partner of this well-acclaimed UK brand. Recently, Wayne Howell, CEO, Artistic Licence, used the Prolight + Sound show 2018 in Frankfurt as a platform to announce a host of exciting new products that meet the needs of the hour.

With this arsenal, Artistic Licence is all poised to take lighting technology into the Generation Next. This new addition in our product range enables us to take the region into the future.

In a major new development, Artistic Licence’s latest launch daliGate quad, holds the potential to completely turn the DALI lighting control market on its head, by enabling seamless integration with Art-Net infrastructure -  thus avoiding the need for proprietary solutions.

Think of an auditorium. Typically, all dynamic lights are on Art-Net or DMX protocols in which generally one system (typically a show lighting console) controls all the show lights which are dynamic in nature and another controls the in-house lights which are relatively static. This is then followed by an integration between the two systems/software via interfaces or additional accessories. This requirement of additional accessories and programming is eliminated by daliGate Quad. Art-Net protocol from a console is taken in by daliGate quad via ethernet connection, and the same is converted to DALI signals. This allows for seamless integration between the DMX/eDMX lights and the DALI fixtures!
All DALI commissioning can be controlled remotely by the lighting controller. Broadcast, group, and channel addressing can be used at same time to increase flexibility.

daliGate quad has a data capture system built in, allowing it to be used as a test and analysis tool in combination with DMX-Workshop (the free software package available from Artistic Licence).

If daliGate quad is used alongside an Ethernet gateway (such as artLynx quad), a single Artnet based lighting desk or controller could then control and commission any combination of DMX and DALI fixtures.
Look out for the next gen Art-Net 4 range
Based on more powerful chip technology are the next generation of Artistic Licence ethernet-to-DMX gateways.  This range provides full support for the award-winning Art-Net 4 protocol, giving access to impressive new functionality not offered in earlier releases.
Datalynx II
Artistic Licence’s star product, dataLynx II™ is a 1U 19? rack mount Ethernet to DMX512 gateway. It converts 12 universes of Art-Net (supports all versions up to Art-Net 4) or sACN ethernet into DMX512/RDM. The product features 12 DMX512/RDM outputs, using front mounted Neutrik connectors: a choice of XLR 3-pin, 5-pin or 8-pin (Ethercon) connectors is offered. The product is available with standard or extreme levels of electrical protection. Also in preview is dataLynxII SFP, which supports gigabit copper and fibre connections.
The new releases also include, artLynx quad and artLynx duo which are DIN rail mounted products that convert Art-Net (all releases) or sACN to four (quad) or two (duo) DMX/RDM universes.
Say goodbye to external control boxes
Matisse f6 dmx and matisse d4 dmx. are programmable, multi-function DMX controllers presented in a wall-mount format. All the electronics are mounted on the rear of the panel, so there is no need for external control boxes.
matisse f6 dmx is Operated using 6 faders.

Depending on the operational mode chosen, each fader can control a single output channel (preset mode) or RGB/I colour (hue fader mode).
Additionally, in scene mixer mode, each fader can playback a 512 channel scene; the scenes can be mixed together with the faders operating as master faders. LTP/HTP can be programmed on a per channel basis. An external source of DMX512 is required for scene mixer programming. All configuration or programming is achieved with a simple set of configuration switches on the rear panel.

matisse d4 dmx is a stylish, multi-function DMX architectural controller. The product offers the same functionality as the matisse f6 dmx, but the form factor is different – a wall panel with four rotary dials, available in a choice of material finishes.

It offers multiple functions including preset, scene mixer, hue fader and merge models and it supports data merging (LTP/HTP) and data fixing with easy push-button programming in which no external software is required. With matisse d4 you can link multiple panels to one DMX cable.
Light Tip Image
Pinpoint your colour temperature

Did you know that the colour temperature can be adjusted to suit your target audience? It is key to a store’s look and feel. Use cool colour temperatures to appeal to a younger, more younger clientele who love the spaciousness such lighting creates. (4000K to 6000K). Warmer temperatures (2700K to 3000K) convey familiarity and typically appeal to a mature upmarket customer.

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