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Revisiting the Dusit Thani Hotel

February - 2018
Dharmendra Patel
Nature has a way of completing a full circle. So, when Dusit Thani Hotel (an old client of Polaron Gulf, which I headed in the past) returned to ask me to revisit their property for an upgrade, I experienced that ‘full circle’ moment.
It gave me a tremendous sense of satisfaction to know that people seek you out, based on their past experience with you.  It’s a feeling that vindicates my decision to stay back in the UAE and carve out my own identity, under the name of Creation. For me, it is a vote of confidence, in the level of professionalism and quality of service that Creation offers.

Dusit International’s flagship property in the Middle East, Dusit Thani Dubai has recently revamped the lighting in all its three ballrooms. These newly refitted spaces now have state of the art lighting to offer the perfect ambience to suit every type of event for its prestigious clientele.
“Originally the project was executed by Polaron Gulf, which I headed before I launched Creation. Recently, Dusit Thani’s Engineering division approached us for an upgradation of their Ballrooms & Pre-Function area and we offered a complete turnkey solution including design, supply, installation, testing and commissioning of Lighting & Lighting Control System” explains Mr. Dharmendra Patel.

Ballroom Ceiling

The downlights came from reputed manufacturers like Lamp83 and Illuma whereas lamps were selected from Segula. All the lights are maintained at a colour temperature of 2700K to match the ambience previously created by traditional incandescent and halogen lamps.

Furthermore, the hotel wished to create some dynamic effects for special events. For this, RGBW coves were created to either facilitate colour play or stick to traditional monochromatic coves. Control system from the
eDIN range of Mode Lighting UK was installed, which is purpose-built to be used with LED fixtures, and also allows interfacing with the hotel’s Wi-Fi allowing operators to control the ambience of the ballroom and special effects required by every client to curate an optimum lighting experience. The system is also connected to partition switches allowing the system to function differently depending on which partitions between ballrooms are open or closed.

Cove RGBW Colours

Since the ballrooms were operational, there was only a small window available within which the supply, installation, testing, and commissioning of the light fixtures had to be completed. “We had to schedule our activities around the events ensuring sufficient and suitable lighting in the ballrooms where events were held, while work continues unhindered in other areas to avoid delays. This is where Creation’s Project Management skills score the point” explains Mr. Patel.

Light Tip Image
The right measure of light

The Ra or more commonly known as CRI value (the general Color Rendering Index) is a method for describing the trueness of the color of the light source on the objects compared to a reference source which is sunlight. Rated on a scale of 100, higher the value, better is the color rendering properties of a light source.

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