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Creation's de-'lightful' endeavor!

October - 2017
Dharmendra Patel
Diwali falls this month and against this backdrop of the festival of lights, Creation participates in Light.ication, this years' event engaging students at Light Show Middle East.

Also with winter around the corner, the focus is on the outdoors. Witness how just a few 'light' touches can transform your time in your private garden into a magical experience.

Creation's de-'lightful' endeavor!

This October, Creation teams up with Light.ication, the annual event at Light Middle East. In its second edition, Light.ication is an initiative designed by Light.Func, a light design studio that engages students across disciplines to include architecture, Interior design and engineering to work on a lighting project from scratch.

This year, it's all about going RGB crazy as the theme is Holi Festival- Interpretation of Light. Four university teams will be allocated one design studio each and will be mentored on building a workable concept while undertaking all four stages of the design process.

We at Creation will supply the control systems required by the students for all the projects at Light.ication, so that they get a first-hand experience of the importance of control systems in lighting.

Speaking of which, one of our clients had just that- a first-hand experience of the power of employing professional lighting solutions to enhance both the form and function of her large outdoor garden and pool. It took 23 lights selected from leading brands like PUKLanda Lighting and AstralPool to do that.

It all started with envy!! The next-door villa's newly refurbished garden landscape and lighting looked spectacular. “Inspired by it my client sought to enhance her garden too without going over the top. So, I suggested the simplest way to do it was to upgrade the lighting,” says Dharmendra Patel.

Chessboard lighting

Next thing we knew, we had an outdoor lighting project on hand. We divided the entire landscape into three different areas. The backyard had two areas-- one reserved for seating and the other included the pool and verandah. The front yard had a long porch leading into the house, to one side of which lay a large garden defined by two decorative features: a chess board made of tiles and a little rock pool fountain.

Products used:
Mesmerising Ivan Hoe for front porch and subtle Oko Wall light to highlight chessboard by Landa.

The lighting for the seating area in the back-yard, was redone to create a cozy ambience in which light does not strike the eyes. On the other end of the backyard is a long rectangular pool. In the shrubbery around the pool area we installed bollard lights by PUK Italy that lend a soft light at the edges. “Inside the pool, one of the pool lights was not working. We executed a retrofit using Lumiplus by AstralPool and installed a colour changing sequence that can be operated with a Lumiplus remote system. Now it is as easy to have a Halloween theme party with the pool lit up a blood red, as it is to switch to night time barbeque mode with cool blue bubbling water on a hot summer evening!” he continues.

Pool Installation Video

For the client, this ease, comfort and convenience came with centralized controls for all the garden lights, and a remote control for the pool lights and the water feature in the front garden. “Earlier I always had to call a technician to change the auto settings for the pool lighting when summer changed to winter. Also, the switches were housed under a large heavy metal hood and were difficult to access. Now, it's so easy to change the mood of the garden with the mere press of a button. Although, we had recently renovated the pool lights one of them was still not working. We were told we would have to rip up the tiles to fix it, but the Creation Team ensured that not a single tile was ripped out. All along their whole focus was on what I wanted,” she explains.

Ivan Hoe, a decorative light from Landa Lighting

Ivan Hoe, a decorative light from Landa Lighting, Italy was chosen to add a touch of elegance to the porch at the entrance and in the verandah overlooking the pool. Lighting up the porch was essential primarily for safety reasons, as there is a difference in ground level at the approach.
distinctive star-light Hydrodisk by PUK

What's more is the distinctive star-light Hydrodisk by PUK that sits on exterior top wall of the villa. Its function is to enable visitors to the villa, recognize it instantly when they arrive on the street. “I would say, that now my villa stands out because of this starlight,” says the client.

“We also noticed that the villa number plate was not visible in the dark. So, we installed Hydrostep a wall surface mounted fixture made by PUK to throw a beam of light onto it. Just this little intuitive touch, has made a world of a difference to all those who visit us after dark.”

When you glance to the right as you enter the porch, you can't miss the focus trees to the right which wear an ethereal look thanks to the shadow effect created by the Hydrosky spike lights made by PUK.

The final effect is a space that has light defining subtlety, glamour, mystery and romance all at once.

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Light sets the pace
Light in a restaurant is all about the time of day its open and the food it serves. Fast food and casual may opt for a brighter crisp white to create a faster pace environment. Fine dining places are better off with warmer colours for a refined feeling. Family restaurants can settle somewhere in between.

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