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Enabling Food Strategy with LumiGrow

March - 2019
Dharmendra Patel
Food security is a major topic of concern in the world at the moment. This compels nation(s) to devise a National Food strategy to ensure continued stability in food supplies in future. In 2007, LumiGrow, a Californian firm emerged to offering smart lighting and adjustable spectrum LEDs as the newest in horticultural lighting technology. Its customers are producing the highest quality crops, elevated yields, and are using smart LED lighting to push the notion of what it means to see good returns, through innovative production techniques enabled by light.

Creation has recently tied up with LumiGrow as their exclusive regional partner, in an attempt to contribute to the regional hydroponics industry and help the region in their goal of self-reliance.
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Creation to enable Food Strategy with LumiGrow

Light is food, that plants consume to grow. For over 10 years now, the world’s leading commercial horticulture and research institutions have deployed LumiGrow LED lighting strategies in replacement of traditional HID lighting and static LEDs to improve yields in greenhouses. They’ve had profoundly successful results. Their innovative technology is developed to solve the problems that growers face.

Light intensity needs may vary throughout the growth cycle. It is important to maintain adequate light intensities throughout propagation stages. By using LumiGrow Smart Horticultural LEDs it’s possible to increase intensity with respect to these growth cycles for various plants. LumiGrow LEDs are used to increase biomass by increasing photosynthesis. With the use of dynamic spectral control growers can speed or slow flowering times, influence compactness, improve quality, and reduce rooting and grafting times.

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10 years since our beginning, LumiGrow continues to grow and offer the industry’s leading smart horticultural lighting solutions. The LumiGrow brand has been reimagined to illustrate our commitment to our customers.  Empowering Growth Through Connectivity is our mission, to create a connected lighting environment for plants and people to thrive.

Lumigrow works directly with major commercial enterprises and research institutions to understand how light can be used to optimize crop production, as well as how lighting efficiency can be better managed in the greenhouse and in growth chambers. This foundation knowledge is at the core of its product design, and is used to further the industry’s understanding of light. 

“While the industry in the region is still in the nascent stage, over a period of time we expect it to grow exponentially. Creation’s formidable reputation as a Lighting Controls Expert makes it a perfect partner for LumiGrow which is all about controlling the right light at the right time to boost plant/vegetable growth. LumiGrow's expertise in Vegetation Lights and our local network will work in tandem to offer a turnkey solution within the Middle East and India region,” says Dharmendra Patel, Managing Director, Creation.

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Targeting the right amount of light

A light plan is your road map for deploying light as a growth variable.  It will help you to determine how much light you need for your specific crop and growth goals.

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