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Creation alongside LAMP83 emphasize on Quality

April - 2017
Dharmendra Patel - MD
It is understood that poor lighting is associated with an adverse environment, as we all relate to the visual image of "darkness” it also affects health and behavioural patterns. An experiment based on light therapy has opened a new realm of studies on interaction and effects of light on the human brain.

Light influences the amount of melatonin in our blood stream, making us more alert. Melatonin, a hormone produced by the brain’s pineal gland, is responsible for the regulation of the body clock also known as the circadian rhythm in every individual, while the type and quality of light have a significant impact on our health, especially for those who tend to spend long working hours within artificially lit premises.

Creation joins hands exclusively with LAMP83 who pioneer in developing and manufacturing Human Centric Lighting. It is our thorough commitment to ensure healthy lighting for UAE.
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Creation alongside LAMP83 emphasize on Quality
LAMP83  started its journey in 1963 and today is 54 years old brimming with experience and confidence of having designed, developed and manufactured quality products and thereby contributing immensely in 'healthy lighting environments'. During its journey, LAMP83 has encompassed commercial, retail and hospitality sectors. Creation Gulf had been seeking for a versatile range for the hospitality sector; with LAMP83 this gap has been filled.

LAMP83 has a strong presence in the region with successful projects for high-end fashion, beauty stores, shopping malls and restaurants. To create a trend, add an aesthetic feel, enhance the shopping experience for their visitors these stores generally use more spot lights, track lights and down lights in their interiors.

A couple of projects done for some brands:
Optimum Mall
Faruk Güllüoglu
Angel Blue
Retail Stores
Adidas Axis, Istanbul
Defacto, Trump Towers
LAMP83 is synonymous with Reliability, Innovation, and Design which has led to it becoming a globally recognized brand. The LAMP83 team consists of diligent, proactive and talented professionals who prioritize a customer-centric approach which supports Creation’s Mission statement. They cater a wide array of quality products suited to the retail and hospitality sector. This essentially covers the market requirements for our clientele. Creation has been working with LAMP83 for past four years and after winning the trust and confidence of designers, have entered an exclusive agreement for UAE. We are committed to and look forward to an enduring association with LAMP83.

The partnering of LAMP83 with Creation gives hope to new avenues of growth, ensuring enormous creativity, performance, energy savings and sustainability. A reliable partnership that will strengthen business growth and offer a plethora of opportunities in the near future.
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Human Centric Lighting
The planning of artificial light supports human circadian rhythm. It is easy to control tuneable white light in an energy- efficient manner, with advanced control systems. Latest, smart connected lighting systems creates endless possibilities to enable an efficient and conducive work environment.

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