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Creation's Trust in RUCO Licht

March - 2017
Dharmendra Patel - MD
There is a need for sustainable energy consumption, the LED light fixture market in the Middle East is booming, say market analysts. As various researchers say that LED luminaire technologies will have a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 13% from 2015 through 2022 in the Middle East and Africa regions in terms of revenues. The MEA luminaire market was worth approximately $2.35 billion in 2015, not including lamps, which demonstrates a tremendous growth in the LED luminaire region today.

Creation is partnering with major key players in the lighting industry and offering customized solutions to customers. Our decade old German-based partner is RUCO; we have been working together on various projects, in the areas of fashion, retail and hospitality respectively.

Ever wondered why partnerships are enduring and victorious? Well, the only answer is “Trust” & “Transparency” the essential ingredients which make any association successful.
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Creation's Trust in RUCO Licht
RUCO Licht is well known for its German origin and quality standards adding value with quick delivery and flexibility of customization. We are awarded as one of the best distributors for RUCO products and hold exclusive rights for this region.

An incredible 10 years of wonderful partnering. Creation-RUCO has traversed the path by accomplishing major projects in the Middle East region. We have an extensive experience of lighting for stores, restaurants, cafes, hotels, apartments, institutes and technically demanding projects, to name a few:
Capital Store, Uninest, Sephora, Roadhouse Diner, & Aeropostale
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Today LED is the trend in lighting and RUCO has rolled out ZHAGA compliant LED light fixtures. It has a good range of light fixture suitable for retail and office project. RUCO is moving towards architectural light fixtures, which will further expand their already existing product range. The association of Creation – RUCO has fared very well in the last few years. There has been consistent growth, embarking on large projects and scaling new heights in reliability and customer satisfaction.

RUCO ensures that the components, modules and luminaires manufactured conform to all legal requirements, guidelines, directives and regulations. RUCO’s focus will be directed on further developing LED technology, for improved efficiency, better light and to conserve resources and protect the environment. Customising their technologies to effectively respond to both private and public sectors has always been an important aspect for us.
Vision LED
VisionLED – The “Bright Idea” fixture
LED-deflecting mirror technology is the synonym for complete energy-optimised and efficient lighting. VisionLED represents five effective lighting effects from a single light source.

The multitalented VisionLED. Buy One Get Five!

CLARO – Extreme Flat fixture
An ideal solution to open or high ceilings.
1.   Light surface with Homogeneous lighting.
2.   Direct emission characteristics.
3.   Thermal management with passive cooling.
Creation’s strong presence in this region has enabled RUCO to bring more technology-driven innovation to our clients. Our commitment to excellence in quality, satisfied customer care and on time delivery makes us the right choice for our many patrons, working together over a reasonable period of time, there is an understanding of the value of what each partner can contribute.

Two of the most important aspects of our solutions is energy management and efficiency. We focus on quality as well as meeting the deadlines within a stipulated budget. The expectation of our customers is constantly on the rise for an aesthetic ambience and RUCO has flexible light sources that can be easily adjusted to new concepts and create beautiful interiors.

Light is a non-verbal form of communication with the customer.

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