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Creation goes Soul Searching

September - 2016
Dharmendra Patel - MD
In keeping with the evolution of market best practices, we at Creation now have redefined our Mission, Vision and Values in more specific terms.

Since 1998, our basic mission has remained unchanged. Our vision however, has since expanded to include a much bigger geographical scale. This has come with the confidence we have garnered over working in three different locations - Middle East, Africa and India. So at this point, it feels like the globe is our oyster.

The journey to encapsulate both the vision and our mission in a few words is a task I would encourage all to embark upon, it compels a certain degree of introspection and renders clarity to employees, customers and stakeholders.

The Values as enumerated are those that every member at Creation abides by. Together, we hope to march in one direction, with one purpose and in keeping with a set standard of values in order to achieve our collective goals.
Creation goes Soul Searching

Engaging in such an exercise to synopsise the goals and vision of a company is like putting a rudder on a ship. Every morning to read the words enshrined in the mission and vision is like giving focus to what it is that every individual within the organisation strives to do. It delivers a sense of focus that is often lost in the humdrum of everyday operations. Since these words bind us to deliver our promises so that we can achieve our long term vision, it also enables us to see the bigger picture.
Creation's Mission, Vision, and Values

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About Us

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