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Smart lights for large spaces - HI-MAX®

December - 2018
Dharmendra Patel

Creation is committed to promoting sustainable solutions at every stage as it marches in step with the Dubai Government in its drive towards creating a green economy. Sustainable solutions demand energy efficiency which is crucial in the economical management of both large and small spaces.

Our latest product launch- Hi- Max by Luxonic is both economically wise and energy efficient.
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Big spaces are often thought of as industrial warehouses, but increasingly they include big box retail, and multi-purpose rooms and gymnasiums in schools. Traditionally not much attention has been given to lighting quality in these ‘industrial’ spaces, whereas they demand care when it comes to eliminating glare, ensuring uniformity, increasing productivity and energy efficiency and lowering maintenance costs. Bad lighting in warehouses is directly linked to lower productivity, fatigue, accidents and lost man hours.
Lux Awards Commendation for Hi-Max

To combat all these challenges, Creation introduce Hi-Max by Luxonic Lighting, UK. Commended in the ‘Retail lighting project of the year’ category at this year’s Lux Awards, for its roll out at 440 Pets at Homes stores for achieving a £2.9m annual energy cost saving

The Port of Hull Terminal employs HI-MAX®. Contributing to the 65 million tonnes of cargo handled by Humber ports every year, Associated British Ports’ (ABP) Port of Hull Terminal needed a lighting system that could meet the energy demands of a 24-hour port with very little downtime. Working on a point by point basis, Luxonic introduced new reduced load LED high bay luminaires, combined with a wireless control system to target areas not in use. To support the system, Luxonic also offered real-time energy monitoring, achieved through a wireless transceiver module in each fitting. Having achieved a 96 per cent saving on energy costs thanks to the total system control and reporting ABP are now rolling the system out across their other UK ports.

Hi-Max was evidently perfect for Creation's Canpack project in Dubai. Canpack itself adheres to the highest standards of sustainability and continuously monitors the environmental impact of its activities. We were invited by Canpack to conduct a study on the existing fixtures and offer an energy efficient solution. Based on our study, we proposed LED Lighting as an energy efficient replacement for existing fixtures.

“On the project we replaced 400 W Metal Halide fixtures with 150W Luxonic fixtures that offer more than 60 percent energy efficiency. Moreover its longer lifespan and extended five year warranty also helps in substantially reducing maintenance cost,” explains, Dharmendra Patel, MD Creation.

Manufactured by an innovative team of highly-qualified lighting engineers using cutting-edge robotic technology, HI-MAX® is one of the most sustainable, cost-efficient industrial luminaires available. Globally, its high profile client list includes names such as SaintGobain, McLaren Formula 1, The Hut Group, Amazon, Shop Direct, Forth Ports, and car manufacturer Ford to name a few.

Launched in March 2013, the Hi-Max LED range comprises luminaires to be mounted at heights of up to 18m, and has been developed especially for production facilities and high warehouse racking.

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Check CRI of fixtures for large spaces

Its important that workers can see contrast and colour clearly in a warehouse, especially when workers have to read colour coded labels properly. Therefore the Color Rendering Index (CRI) of lighting is an important measure to consider. The higher the index number the more realistic the lighting.

The minimum CRI you should look for is 85. Anything below this makes it more dangerous in your warehouse and cause fatigue.

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