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May - 2019
Dharmendra Patel
Repeat clients are a joy for any service-oriented business. While good business development is all about finding new clients, great customer care is about cultivating the long-term relationships with the client. 

Given the competitive times we live in, we all know that it’s probably much easier to lose an existing customer than to find a new one. So, when an old client approaches you for their new project, it’s a stamp of approval, a reiteration of confidence in the service and products you offer. 

At Creation, we know quality is not an accident. We achieve it by design and by intent and certainly not through compromise!

The design manager from the client’s office recalled their positive association with Creation from an earlier project. When faced with certain technical and integration challenges with regards to Light Control System (LCS) as required by the Operator of the Grand Millennium Business Bay Hotel project, they got in touch once more to design and install a system amidst a similar scenario.

Grand Millemmium Business Bay Lobby Lounge

“We had to ensure compatibility and smooth dimming performance of light fixtures as well as pull cables and install the LCS correctly within the project time frame of 12 months- a tall order given a 251-room hotel,” elaborates Mr. Dharmendra Patel, MD, Creation.

For FOH areas, the requirement was for an architectural dimming system, which should be flexible and user friendly such that scene settings are easy to use, and smooth dimming can be facilitated. All these criteria were met only by Mode Lighting's eDIN range products.

Coolbrium by Mode Lighting

For the ball room and adjoining meeting rooms, the interior design consultant was looking for a control plate that matched the existing touch screen plates. Keeping with this specification we sourced a state of art, touch sensitive Coolbrium control plate with black glass facia, which has lent a seamless feel throughout the space.

For BOH areas, saving energy was the prime criteria as was ensuring an economical product range. To meet these parameters, a KNX based system was deployed.

“As we were involved in designing the Lighting Control system, it was possible to select the right products & manufacturers based on application. This assisted the client to achieve the commercial objective without compromising the performance requirements of the Grand Millennium Business Bay Hotel.

Finally, it is experience that counts. Our Project Management Team’s previous experience in handling similar scope of work helped us to deliver this project on schedule and without too many hurdles,” reveals Mr. Patel.


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Save Energy, Boost Productivity

In the interests of energy conservation, hotels need smart lighting technology to better understand their energy needs, automate their consumption and adapt to in real-time to changes in occupancy. Hotel operators are now able to cut energy costs by 75 percent and improve productivity by 20 percent by converting to a smart LED lighting system.

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About Us

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