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Control your Carbon Footprint with Danlers

June - 2019
Dharmendra Patel
In the present era, it is impossible to sit back and think only of your immediate business goals. Given the impact every activity has on the environment, it is important for each individual and corporation to measure its ecological footprint.

At Creation we are committed to offering Green solutions and products that help customers reduce their carbon footprint. In our line of work, the simplest solution we offer is Sensors !!!

Since 2013, we teamed up with Danlers Limited from UK who share similar goals. Danlers are considered as World Class manufacturer since 1990. Based in Chippenham, Danlers Limited has been designing and manufacturing electronic energy saving lighting controls for over 20 years and offer a whole palette of products to suit every kind of application for both the UK and overseas markets.
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Installing sensors is the simplest way to conserve energy. Light and motion sensors are perfect assistants to have in order to reduce energy consumption. Danlers R & D team develop next gen products in an industry that is undergoing rapid change due to the influx of LED lighting and digital technology.

All Danlers energy saving products are designed by their in-house team, from complex electronic circuitry, to the aesthetics and ergonomics of designing easy to install products, suitable for both the commercial and domestic market.

Take a look at their trend setting range of sensors described here under.

Used for switching the lights ‘On’ or ‘Off’ based on motion as well as Lux level in a given area. The sensor comes in several variants depending on the load to be controlled and area of application (including Splash-proof version for installation in Washrooms).

Successfully installed at Apparel Group office & warehouse, Carrier Regional Office, Union Cooperative Mall (BOH), Ajman Sarai Hotel and many more.

About PIR technology: PIRs have a pyroelectric sensor that detects levels of infrared radiation – everything emits some low-level radiation, but a human body emits a good amount of heat. The PIR has four elements made of a special material that is sensitive to infrared. When the sensor senses a differential change between the two slots, this causes a pulse, which is what it detects as “movement”. In simple terms, it senses movement by identifying change in temperature between the warm body and the surrounding.

Also check out CEDR 6PLR with a detection pattern required for this space is long and narrow, and for such applications (upto 25m).

An IP rated microwave motion sensor suitable for ambient temp between -30° C to 60° C, which makes this sensor perfect for cold storage areas and outdoor environment in the middle east region. The microwave range of products come in two IP67 rated variants of 2A and 6A depending on the load to be controlled and an IP20 rated Ceiling Flush Mounted 2A variant - MWCEFL.

Successfully installed at Terminal 4- Container Terminal, Jebel Ali, Dubai. Here BMEXPH sensors were also used to switch the lights on when there is insufficient available ambient light and off when there is enough ambient light.

About Microwave technology: As efficient as PIR technology is, it is limited by the ambient temperature conditions. In ambient temperatures higher than our body temperatures, the PIR sensors are unable to detect motion! In such cases we need to implement Microwave technology. Microwave sensors implement an active method of detecting motion. The sensor emits microwave signals and then measures the length of time taken for the signal to return. Should there be any movement in the area of detection, the time taken for the signals to return will vary indicating motion in the area.

This is a photocell for indoor use with recessed mounting. It can be used for Daylight Harvesting, wherein the lights will Dim/Switch Off when there is sufficient daylight present. This not only saves energy but also improves lamp life. The small form factor ensures that the sensor remains discrete. It can also be used with other systems (such as an Architectural Dimming Systems) to provide necessary triggers to the 3rd party systems to control lights and other services.

Successfully installed at Carrier Regional Office, Mafraq Hospital

About photocell and motion sensor technology: Photocells use semiconductors to control electric current. Under normal conditions, semiconductors won’t conduct electricity, but when they’re exposed to enough light, current starts to flow. In some products, the photocell function is adjustable, so you can choose the light level that will activate the semiconductor. The main difference between photocells and motion sensors is that the former detects changing light levels, and the latter reacts to physical movement. There are sensors available which can simultaneously detect light levels and motion.

Similar to CEFL (PH) DD 10VDC, it can be integrated with 3rd party systems and is very popular for dimming at villas, retail, commercial and hotel guest rooms.
Used to turn lights ‘On' and then turn them ‘Off' after the delay time set by the user for Back of House (BOH) Areas and Staircases.
Danlers Casambi enabled Sensorsrange can be used for Refurbishment Jobs, Residential and Commercial spaces.

Danlers have launched a new range of energy saving controls in collaboration with Casambi, one of the world's leading providers of smart wireless lighting control technologies. Casambi enabled sensors from Danlers, like all Casambi products, automatically form a wireless mesh network.

The lighting can be controlled via the Casambi app on smartphones, tablets, smart watches, push buttons and switches. The app is free of charge and available for Android & Apple iPhone platforms.

The Casambi system is ideal for retrofitting into existing installations because there is no need for additional wiring to communicate between devices. New enabled controls, including the Danlers sensors, can be added to a network at any time making the system not only scalable but flexible and cost effective.

Other Casambi lighting control solutions that can be integrated with Danlers sensors include: Scene setting, colour changing, colour temperature, fade times, minimum dim levels, schedules and many other options.

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Bright Ideas
The differences between photocells and motion sensors offer many control options for indoor and outdoor lighting systems. Use a combination photocell and motion sensor to activate security lights around your home, but only after dark.

Motion sensors and photocells switch power on or off based on detected motion and changing light levels. They are compatible with many different types of light fixtures, and some work with security systems as well. Save energy and enhance your home’s appearance and safety with these flexible controls.

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