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Classy lights for a premium project by Emaar

August - 2019
Dharmendra Patel
All firms have dreams of signing off their names on plum projects and want to work with A-list clients. Although when it comes to service, we treat all our clients the same, there is a particular joy in working with brand names that are synonymous with quality. When such names repose their faith in us, it’s a silent acknowledgement of us being in the same bracket of excellence as them.

We count Emaar as one among them.
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The Parkway Vistas and Fairway Vistas

Creation's latest flagship project is undoubtedly Emaar’s Parkway Vistas and Fairway Vistas at the stunning Dubai Hills Estate.

Emaar's Fairway Vistas
A premium golf championship community of 126 luxurious villas overlooking an 18-hole golf course.

A premium project calls for premium solutions and the Contractor Parkway International entrusted this responsibility to us. During the course of the project, we also had the pleasure of working closely with Whitespace Architects- architect and consultant for the project.
Due to multiple levels of approvals required at different stages, we offered multiple sets of sample boards to ensure we completely met the requirements of the client, architect and consultant. Our Engineers ensured that all stakeholders were satisfied with the quality and designs of all the fixtures to provide high quality light fixtures that gave a rich, warm effect. 
Creation is a name associated with quality and to be able to execute a project as high end as the Parkway Vistas and Fairway Vistas is a testimony to our commitment to offer the best value, products and services to our clients.

Emaar's Parkway Vistas
Emaar's Parkway Vistas: Come Home To Modern Luxury
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Caught in the shadow!

The last thing you want to discover the morning after an incident at your premises is that the images from your CCTV are unusable. Very often, bad security camera footage is the result of poor lighting.
So, for clear images, use lots of light. Remember, if you double the distance to the subject being lit, you need FOUR times the original light. To identify suspects, you'll have to design it properly.

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About Us

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