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Enigma Lighting: Your preferred lighting solution

November - 2019
Dharmendra Patel
Our nearly two-year-old partnership with Enigma Lighting has been a resounding success. As a leading manufacturer of light fittings and accessories, the brand excels in its design, superior quality and suitability for a wide range of applications.

The company produces and stocks an extensive range of competitively priced, well-engineered light fittings, designed for the retail, workplace and leisure markets. This enables us to meet strict deadlines of both time and budget, making the brand the preferred choice of most customers.

At the recently concluded Light Middle East 2019, Enigma was the cynosure of all eyes as it took centre-stage on Creation’s stand. On display along with the hot favorites were the new launches in the View30 series.
Enigma Logo

Your preferred lighting solution

Enigma Lighting is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of light fittings and accessories. They supply light fittings for roll out projects worldwide, and, therefore, hold a high level of stock for fast track projects.

Creation, as the Middle East partner for Enigma, offers their full and extensive range of architectural luminaires, all designed around the latest LED light sources. Enigma has the appropriate light solution for almost any interior environment. Some of the interesting products of Enigma Lighting -

View 30 Fixtures

Enigma View 30 Series
This ceiling recessed light fitting, made of die cast aluminium, with LED as the light source provides maximum lumens of 107. It has IP40 rating in front and IP20 in back. The beam angle can be set to 18°, 30° or 40°. It has three variations, fixed, adjustable and scoop.

View 50 Square Fixtures

Enigma's View 50 Square Fixtures
This ceiling recessed light fitting, made of die cast aluminium, with LED as the light source provides maximum lumens of 713lm @ 40°, 757lm @ 15° and 779lm @ 28°. The beam angle can be set to 15, 28 or 40 degrees. It has two variations, single adjustable or double adjustable.

Tubular 60 Series

Enigma's Tubular Series Sleeves
Tubular 60 is part of the popular tubular range. It is fully adjustable on a 3 circuit track adaptor. There are various dimming options. An attractive feature of Tubular 60 is the availability of a wide range of metal and RAL options to match the interior finishes. The high performance Lumileds LED chip and polycarbonate optics provide a range of Beam angles and CCT and CRI outputs.

FlexiLED Plus & FlexiLED Zero LED Tape with mounting and diffuser kit

Enigma's FlesiLED Plus
This IP65 rated flexible and dimmable LED tape provides a powerful and durable solution for both domestic and professional applications. This product, available on 5-meter reels is available in a variety of CCT and CRI outputs with an additional mounting profile and diffuser kit. This highly adaptable product provides uniform and color consistent light for both direct and indirect environments.
Enigma Lighting | FlexiLED Zero
FlexiLED Zero is similar to FlexiLED Plus, but with IP20 rating. Apart from Deep diffuser and shallow diffuser profile kit, accessories include tape to tape and tape to wire connectors, resulting in easy installation and customization.

Available with chip specifications of, 
CRI : 90, Kelvin 2200
CRI : 90, Kelvin 2700
CRI : 90, Kelvin 3000
Light Tip Image
Get your colour temperature right
It's odd but true. Colour does have temperature. You have to consider colour temperature while defining a store’s look and feel.

Cooler colour light tones (4000K to 6000K) convey spaciousness and appeals to a young demographic while warm colour temperatures (2200K to 3000K) convey familiarity and appeal to older, upmarket customers.


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