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The Burj Nahar Mall Project: A Case study in size, scale and proportion

December - 2019
Dharmendra Patel
There are so many different levels at which every project unfolds that there’s never a dull moment in our part of the world. Our recently completed Burj Nahar project is such an example. Perhaps one of the largest projects we have undertaken so far, it kept evolving at every stage.

Although we were brought in initially just for lighting controls, before long we also got drawn into project management. What’s more we ended up installing the mall’s stretch ceiling too.

For our Team, it stands out as one of those projects in which we worked with almost every stakeholder on the panel. The lighting designer, the MEP contractors and the lead contractor.

It’s a moment of satisfaction as one looks back at all that one has achieved in the bargain. For many it is just another project finished. For us it's so many lessons learned.
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The Burj Nahar Mall Project
A Case study in size, scale and proportion

Located in one of the most visible and accessible intersections in Deira which is currently undergoing a major urban regeneration program with major objectives of adding value to the communities within the area, and contributing to the economy of Dubai, Burj Nahar Mall is part of a mixed-use project developed by Al Majid Property Company LLC- a subsidiary of Dubai-based conglomerate, Juma Al Majid Group.

Burj Exterior
The project’s built up area is approximately 2.2ha or 1,000,000 sq ft and consists of residential apartments and a retail mall and has over 650 parking spaces and will house retail concepts, supermarket, family entertainment, fitness and medical centers as well as a range of F&B options.

Expanded scope
General Enterprises Co (GECO) - Mechanical & Electrical Ltd. approached Creation to take charge of Lighting Control for the Burj Nahar Mall and residential towers. “The project unfolded in two stages. Initially the scope included supply, testing and commissioning of lighting control system in the Burj Nahar mall FOH, (Architectural Dimming) BOH and residential towers. (Sensor based Switching). However, much further into the project scope expanded to include the installation of the stretch ceiling as well.

It took 20 months to sign off the enormous project which was completed in several stages. “We worked closely with the site and Head Office team to design a budget friendly solution. and at a later stage, we ended up doing project management as well,” says Mr. Dharmendra Patel, MD, Creation Gulf.

It’s all about control!
A whole host of sturdy and dependable control systems were set in place to ensure a user-friendly solution. To achieve optimum results the Burj Nahar Mall’s lighting control plan includes a spectrum of the best controls and sensor brands based upon their ideal application. Some sensors and the Mains Controls for architectural dimming are from, Mode Lighting, a brand known for its unique and user-friendly interface; Pharos Control systems is well reputed for its ability to create a wide range of dynamic lighting effects and finally, Ex-Or sensor Controls were installed as they offer a wide range of precise sensitivity tuning.

Deputed by the main contractor Darwish Engineering Emirates, the second stage of the project involved installing the stretch ceiling. ‘Euroceil’ was the brand of choice and TeamCreation, installed the translucent stretch ceiling in the mall’s FOH.

Burj Nahar Interior

How we did it!
The idea was to keep everything completely automated, while the end user still had the option to interfere with manual control at any point with the user friendly interface offered by Mode Lighting. “We used the idea of a distributed control system in which the entire building has been divided into three main areas, Mall FOH, Mall BOH, and Residential towers. Then Mall FOH and Mall BOH were further divided into five floor sections.

The end user can access any area from a single point through a centralized PC that has a unique customized web page for the project that is located in the control room. The energy saving concept is implemented in two ways; Firstly, the dimming system in Mall FOH changes the scenes automatically during the day. Secondly, the use of occupancy sensors drastically conserves energy in the whole building. The system automatically decides the mode of operation based on the fire alarm input signal from the fire alarm system.

“Basically, I can say that this project stands out from the rest because we worked with all the stakeholders in it. Right from the client, Al Majid Properties to the main Contractors.

We coordinated with Darwish Engineering, Studio Lumen- the lighting designer and GECO- the MEP contractor at every stage from concept to execution,” concludes MD Creation Gulf, Mr. Dharmendra Patel.

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Assimilate lighting in the stores

It is proven that customers tend to pick up twice more from shelves that feature integrated lighting, than those with none. These days, with LED tape, integrating is a breeze.

However, it is imperative to use a good brand.

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