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Take a break at our latest leisure projects

February - 2020
Dharmendra Patel
As Dubai grows in leaps and bounds, world's best entertainment options are bound to make their presence felt here. Dreamscape and Xstrike are two such options that are as futuristic as you can get anywhere in the world. Using state of the art technology, both these destinations offer visitors unparallel experience.

While every project calls for innovation, these are the kind of projects that require a different level of innovation. We are proud to be associated with bringing these prestigious entertainment projects in our city.

Take a break at our latest leisure projects

At Creation, we thrive on challenging lighting projects in the commercial and residential sector. However, once in a while, we get to work on exciting projects that are out of the ordinary which present their own unique challenges. We are featuring two such projects in this edition.


Creating Journeys of Wonder

Dreamscape, open at the Mall of Emirates, is a futuristic fully immersive, free roaming and multi sensory virtual reality experience. Imagine yourself transported straight in the middle of one of the three faraway cinematic universes: Alien Zoo, The Deep Blu and The Curse of the Lost Pearl. You can walk freely and interact with the surroundings through touch, smell, heat, wind and even mist using motion sensor technology. Dreamscape, for the first time, has ventured outside the US to mark its presence in UAE. Backed by reputed director Steven Spielberg and composer Hans Zimmer, Dreamscape is equipped with state of the art features.

"The project involved a high amount of dynamic effects and considerable integration with the VR system. Though we had worked on other projects involving either high amount of dynamic effects or high amount of integration, it was the first time we had to do both", according to MD Creation, Mr. Dharmendra Patel. "We realised the importance of keeping communication channels clear and updated besides ensuring a high degree of co-ordination to ensure that products supplied match site conditions", he added.

For this project, we used Pharos Controls, Artistic License and Helvar. Al Tayer Stocks was the main contractor, iWIN was the MEP. We worked in coordination with Majid Al Futtaim (Vox), Dreamscape, and Radiance Lightworks who were the Lighting Designer.


An indoor action-packed entertainment destination

Wouldn't you love to land right in the middle of Hollywood style sets, with a labyrinth of rooms, apocalyptic interiors and realistic props? Now, it is possible, right here in Dubai with XStrike, an indoor action packed entertainment destination where combat simulation meets competitive gaming for players of all ages.

"Xstrike facilities are the future of scenario and live-action gaming, and provide the most realistic force-on-force combat experience in the world today," says Sameer Ali, co-founder and managing partner of Immersive Experiences, the company behind the venture. "It combines the best aspects of laser tag and paintball in one immersive and hyper-realistic concept experience," adds co-founder Mohamed Ali Atish.

Creation was involved in the programming of the installed Pharos controlled equipment. "In this project, lights were supplied by Procom and they got Creation on-board to manage the project given our expertise in Pharos control systems. This project was about programming, testing and finally integrating the Pharos lighting control system in the entire 31,000 sq ft of space on a very tight timeline," reveals Mr. Patel.

Light Tip Image
Visible disinfection lighting

LG Innotek's ‘Visible Disinfection Lighting’, is a functional light source that gives the effect of sterilization by sunlight but uses indoor light. A material called poryphyrin inside of bacteria reacts with certain wavelengths of sunlight to destroy its cells. This was replicated by the use of 405 nm wavelength to which poryphyrin reacts most actively. This enables sterilization of indoor space without use of any chemicals.

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