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Lighting Controls for Flight Training at Dynamic Advanced Training

March - 2020
Dharmendra Patel
Aviation personnel are critical to making air travel safe, comfortable and punctual and hence it is crucial that they undergo real life simulated training. Dynamic Advanced Training Centre has a state of the art training centre that takes care of almost every possible critical situations while flying.

We at Creation is proud to be associated with DATS in delivering lighting controls that met the requirements of every section through innovative solutions while strictly adhering to budget.
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Lighting Controls for Flight Training

As you sit comfortably 30,000 feet above the ground in an airplane, have you ever wondered as to what goes behind the scenes to ensure that you have a safe and comfortable ride? Pilot, cabin crew, ATC and an army of aviation personnel work together as a team to ensure timely, safe and comfortable flights.

These personnel need regular training to handle any situation that may occur during the flight Advanced training centers provide real life simulation based training to keep the crew always on alert and ready to tackle any eventualities.

Dynamic Advanced Training Centre is one such center and is the leading independent provider of aviation safety and security training in the Middle East, North Africa and South Asia. They provide courses for pilots, cabin crew and aviation personnel. The state of the art facility offers comprehensive theoretical as well as hyper realistic hands-on training, using industry-leading simulators and training equipment.

Dynamic Advanced Training Grounds
They have a range of trainings covering almost every possible situation that could endanger the safety of passengers and crew.

For instance, the fire and smoke training is conducted in a full motion business jet simulator incorporating the latest in Virtual Reality Technology. Decompression and hypoxia awareness training uses a technologically advanced reduced oxygen training system to simulate 25,000 feet altitude environment. Several other training programs focus on various real life situations such as forest landing training, extreme weather landings, fire rooms, wave pools, crash landing simulations etc.

Creation was assigned with the task of providing lighting control systems that lends a realistic touch to various simulations for the crew undergoing training.

Business Jet Simulator
"We had to be highly innovative when working with the designers to finalize the lighting design and concept as well as incorporate a variety of systems and unique programming to get the best effects which mimic real life conditions", says MD Creation Gulf, Mr. Dharmendra Patel. The brands used in the project included Pharos, Helvar, Artistic Licence, Casambi and Hera.

Mrs. Sakina Dugawalla-Moeller, Principal & Founder, Light.func was the lighting designer on the project. She said, "Dynamic is one of the most exciting and unique project incorporating a safety and evacuation training centre for aircraft, complete with real-life simulators made up of the B777, B737 and Bizjet models. " She added, "The lighting design intent was implemented by working closely with the manufacturers. Some of the challenges faced include an open warehouse style 12m high ceiling in an area spanning almost 3500 sq m., a fully functional wave pool at 3.5m depth, and skylights that collected grime."

Mrs. Dugawalla-Moeller, who is also the all UAE Ambassador of Women in Lighting, explained that apart from the training center, the project comprised training rooms, makeup room, changing rooms, bathrooms, a fully automated 3.5m deep wave pool, state of the art reception and signature restaurant. Each area had to be treated uniquely, but connected through light, so that all is visible on moving between areas. She acknowledged the contribution of Creation in finding ways to implement light.func's concepts on a shoestring budget. While congratulating Creation on another successful project, she added that the company's motto of putting the specification and end-user market first will bring more success in the future.

Nothing makes us happier than receiving glowing tributes from a satisfied customer, such as the following remarks from Mr. Mark Kammer, Operations Director, Dynamic Advanced Training LLC.

"Look no further if you require lighting control expertise! Creation Gulf worked hand in hand with our brilliant lighting designer and our main contractor during the construction of our state of the art aviation training academy. They were attentive to our requirements, were able to propose various solutions at different budgets, highlight differences, explain limitations and costs as well as being responsive to queries. In short, they never failed to impress me with their professionalism and dedication towards us as a customer and most importantly - the result speaks for itself. Hands down the best in the market, a double thumbs up! You will waste your time if you are looking for anyone better than them."

Simulation experience at the grand opening of Dynamic Advanced Training Centre in Dubai South.
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Perceived vs actual lighting

The light actually falling on a surface, as measured by lux and footcandles is often very different from perceived light level.  A room that has black walls, floors and ceilings will feel dark even with bright lights whereas little light falling on a white space will seem bright. It is therefore important to ensure that the surfaces that face us are well illuminated.

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