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Dubai Hills Estate Business Park by Emaar

April - 2020
Dharmendra Patel
It is indeed a tough time the world is encountering. The COVID 19 virus is claiming more than just lives. Its wiping out livelihoods and damaging economies on an unprecedented scale.

However, having lived in Dubai for the last 22 years in a state of ‘wow’, the city’s ability to crack crucial situations with aplomb never ceases to amaze me. Whether it was the global financial meltdown in 2008/9 or the coronavirus predicament now, you can trust that we will come out victorious.

And while projects get stalled and timelines go askew, all we can do is lend the nation our complete support.
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Dubai Hills Estate Business Park

The Dubai Hills Estate is a new ultra-luxury community located within Mohammed bin Rashid City and features Villas, Apartments, Business Parks and Dubai Hills Mall.

Dubai Hills Business Park is a fast-track shell and core business park development in Dubai Hills Estate designed by RSP Architects and Consultants being Studio Lumen Lighting DesignDAR and WME. The design and build contract being executed by Sharpoorji Pallonji Contracting to deliver 26,000 sq.mt.

Dubai Hills Estate Business Park
Grade A office space in four buildings and in all, the built area of the project is 150,000 sq. mt.

The 150+ year old Shapoorji Pallonji entrusted Creation for the supply of FOH/BOH landscape and façade lighting to fulfill the Client Emaar’s requirements of a sustainable and reliable lighting solution.

“There were stringent and strict specification requirements to be met and since it is an Emaar Project, we had to follow strict quality standards and had to provide necessary test certificates to get approvals at every stage. This is understandable given that it is one of the first in Dubai to comply with the new Al Sa’Fat building sustainability performance ratings,” reveals MD, Mr. Dharmendra Patel.

“One of the major challenges the team faced was of timelines. Detailed discussions with the client, consultant, architect and all other stakeholders on the job meant we had to re-work our proposal a number of times, but we forged ahead with our belief that when the going gets tough, the tough get going” he elaborates.

Finally, an array of brands that include tried and tested names were selected to meet the Architect, Consultant, Client and project performance requirements.

Dubai Hills Estate Business Park
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The Green Revolution
The launch of the new Al Safat rating system in Dubai complements the green building project perfectly, as its most prominent goal is to reduce  consumption of electricity by 20%, water consumption by 15% and carbon dioxide emissions by 20%.

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