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Lighting for learning

July - 2020
Dharmendra Patel
A well-known proverb says, ‘If you are planning for a year, sow rice; if you are planning for a decade, plant trees; if you are planning for a lifetime, educate people’. Education is one of the best investments that an individual can make for himself or herself and, as a society, education shapes the thoughts, values and attitudes of the next generation.

At Creation, we are happy to be associated with the lighting requirements of a few leading schools and thereby, contribute to the growth of education in our own way.

Lighting for learning

Education is probably the most important tool to improve one’s life and educational institutions play a major role in shaping the future of society. While education begins at home and is a lifelong process, a good educational institution provides the right foundation for a lifelong adventure in learning.

Installing lights in a school or university involves considering many aspects. While the wellbeing and performance of students and staff are primary concerns, it’s not all. Sustainability is the cornerstone on which to draw out a lighting plan for an educational institution. Lighting usually accounts for at least 25-30% of a school’s energy bills, so it is little wonder that many are looking for more energy-efficient solutions. Lighting schemes that are 10-20 years old are greatly outmoded in terms of economy and performance.

By replacing the old fluorescent system with modern LED lighting, up to 60-70% savings can be made on energy bills. LED is up to 90% more energy efficient than conventional light sources. Maintenance costs are also slashed, and interruption to classes through lamp-changing virtually eliminated. Let’s not forget, an LED conversion reduces carbon footprint and saves substantially on energy bills. Initial investment is invariably returned within a few months.

Besides LED lighting nothing supports a sustainable lighting plan more than clever daylight harvesting. A thorough measurement of available daylight helps in creating a solution that delivers optimum task lighting for both the teacher and the taught. The lighting plan should be designed to have correct light levels and good uniformity levels based on the application areas to enhance the overall well-being and efficiency of the students and staff. The European norm EN 12464-1 gives requirements for the illuminances in schools for writing, reading, and drawing at 300 lux for tutorial rooms and 500 lux art rooms. And it is imperative that the products supplied provide the right lux level and are eco-friendly and endurable. 

Lighting requirements in schools, colleges and universities are diverse. Team Creation have recently enhanced the lights at three educational institutions to include The American University of Sharjah (AUS), The American School of Dubai (ASD) and The Jumeirah English Speaking School (JESS).

American University of Sharjah Logo

Founded in 1997, AUS seeks to be globally recognized as the leading university in the Middle East.

The multicultural campus has approximately 90 nationalities represented. Students are encouraged to get firsthand experience of other cultures and countries through international exchange programs and study tours.

Creation undertook the work of supplying and installing of over 500 nos. of 60x60 LED light panel fixtures. An LED Light Panel is an extremely clean, flush-fitting installation that will not harbour dust, dead bugs or bacteria. Key products used were JCC Panel lights and downlights.

Lighting controls supplied include Helvar, Pharos Controls and Artistic Licence. Helvar is being used in the Lecture Halls to provide a DALI based control for the architectural lights. Pharos Controls and Artistic Licence is being used on the project to control a couple of stretch ceiling structures designed to replicate clouds. Moreover, they are providing dynamic effects on the RGBW lights present in the Lift Lobbies as well– reveals Mr. Dharmendra Patel, MD, Creation.

American School of Dubai Logo

Consultant - CPG Consulting
Contractor - Al Tayer Stocks

Founded in 1966 by the Dubai Petroleum Company, ASD has grown from a mere handful of students to 1900 students from more than 70 nationalities studying at the Al Barsha campus.

The campus boasts of world class facilities that include art studios, indoor and outdoor running track, fitness centers, two swimming pools, six tennis courts, and two cafeterias. ASD has a professional, dedicated, and certified faculty, counseling teams, besides an engaged community of parents, alumni, and friends.

To suit the needs of the detailed light plan, a variety of brands were incorporated such as Enigma Lighting, Lamp 83 Lighting, and Gallis Lighting.

“Good design, specification, management and controls can have a significant impact on limiting electricity consumption, saving energy and keeping running costs to a minimum. Apart from the supply of light fixtures, we worked on the lighting design as well to ensure the correct quantities of fittings were being used in the respective areas to serve the above purposes.” says Mr. Patel. 

Flexible Learning Area ASD
Stairway ASD
Teacher Workshop ASD
Indoor Play Area ASD
Corridor ASD
Jumeirah English Speaking School Logo

Jumeirah English Speaking School

JESS Dubai, founded in 1975 with just 17 pupils, today has over 2000 students enrolled in two different locations. A truly international school, JESS Dubai’s students come from 79 different nationalities speaking 33 different languages. The JESS has undertaken a massive renovation drive and is upgrading. 

“Creation primarily supplied external lights from Italian brand Romaluce and Greek brand Petridis. Outside an educational facility, safe movement must be enabled at all times. It is imperative to have clear visibility around pathways and entrances, and in adjoining school areas such as playgrounds, bike sheds and car parks. And these brands delivered all the functions of quality, all weather sturdiness and superb design,” elaborates Mr. Patel.

Light Tip Image

Cool or warm = Focused or calm

Colour temperature in artificial lighting has an important role to play, too. A cool white light source makes students more focused and generally improves performance, whilst a warmer light may be useful when engaging young children in calmer activities.

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