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En-lightened Communication!

December - 2020
Dharmendra Patel - MD
The measure of visual satisfaction, well-being, quick comprehension and a sense of ease is dictated by the “Correlated color temperature’ (CCT) and ‘Color rendering index’ (CRI) of the light source which indicate the way the light is perceived in a given space.

Both CCT and CRI play a dynamic role in influencing the psychological and physiological functions of the occupant especially in a workplace. Therefore, when we get called out to suggest light fixtures for office spaces, it's important to apply the appropriate CCT in the working environment as it directly impacts motivation and improves and increases working efficiency and productivity. In addition to artificial light sources, daylight too is extremely helpful in creating a positive work vibe.
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En-lightened Communication

Client - MTN Group
Contractor - Summertown Interiors
Consultant - Evolve Interiors
The newly opened MTN office in Dubai is a modern, open ceiling space that covers 1750 sq meters. MTN Group Limited, formerly M-Cell, is a South African multinational mobile telecommunications company, operating in many African, European and Asian countries. With its head office in Johannesburg and a subscriber base of over 257 million, it's the eighth largest mobile network operator in the world, and the largest in Africa, with an active network in over 20 countries.

The Brief
For its new Dubai office, Contractor, Summertown Interiors’ brief specified uniform lighting levels matching the lighting standards for various zones, while maintaining the architectural theme as required by the client. Except for the meeting rooms, the overall office layout covers an open ceiling plan The entire area is designed to include an open office space, meeting rooms, lounge, reception, Co - Lab and Pantry.

The Scope
“Our scope of work was supply of architectural and decorative light fixtures,” explains Mr. Dharmendra Patel, MD, Creation Gulf.

“Our team designed the lighting for various areas and selected the most suitable solutions, while sticking to the client's concept design, budget and requirement. A few hundred fixtures were selected and supplied for the project and under stiff project timelines Team Creation supplied all the fixtures including many customised fittings.”

The Plan
The light fixtures as conceived by the client specified suspended linear fixtures for the open office area; Cove & Trimless Downlights for meeting room and offices; Decorative Pendant rings in the lounge; Dome pendants, track lights for the Pantry, Cloud & Track lights for the Co-Lab to provide a modern and natural feel to the work space.
Light fixtures supplied by Creation at MTN Office
The Conclusion
“While it is almost a cliche to say it's just another successful project finished within the concept and budget of the client, it is worth mentioning that every project is unique, the people involved change and a successful project is one where it is important to not only deliver the specified products but leave behind a happy client,” elaborates Mr. Patel.
Light Tip
Straight and subtle light sources
The workplace needs a mix of direct and indirect lighting. Direct light focuses straight at the work surface, for instance a flexible desk lamp that can be adjusted to adapt to individual needs. Indirect lighting means subtle illumination around the work space to relieve strain on the eyes, which could also be daylight. In the evening, this is usually a ceiling, wall or floor lamp.

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About Us

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