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Win-win partnership with K-Lite

January - 2021
Dharmendra Patel - MD

Here’s wishing one and all A Very Happy New Year! We all hope that 2021 ushers in a whole new era of positivity and change for us all. There’s a whole new vim and vigour at our end. We ended last year, on an upbeat note as we formalised our tie-up with K-Lite, a leading outdoor lighting manufacturer from India. We are poised to take this partnership to the next level as we introduce K-Lite's fascinating potential to the region and are certain that its growth will be charted alongside the growth for landscape lighting in the region!
K-Lite Logo

Win-win partnership with K-Lite
Little pools of light that wash your garden path, or bring alive your juniper in the dark, or make your swimming pool sparkle with ripples of delight- Landscape lighting is all about making you want to spend more time in outdoor spaces, highlighting unique features and adding ambience and safety after dark.
Street lights application
Street lights that cover the urban landscape are also integral to outdoor lighting. Modern day street lights are both smart and safe. However, with so many outdoor lighting options to consider and so many types of fixtures to choose from, consumers rely on experts to steer them toward the right system for their space.
This requires town planners, designers and contractors contractors to stay up on the latest lighting design trends and technologies, so they can recommend the best solutions.

Creation’s recent tie up with a leading Indian manufacturer of outdoor and landscape lighting is a step in that direction. For over 40 years Indian trademark K-LITE has stood for innovation and sustainable development in the Indian lighting industry, supported by its manufacturing hub in Chennai and Bhopal.

The Creation View
We are always looking to widen our portfolio allowing us to provide optimum solutions on projects and K-Lite's range for external lighting is quite diverse- Pole Light, Uplights, Underwater Lights, Bollards, and many more. Besides, K-lite and Creation share a common philosophy that revolves around reliability of product and service and a customer-centric approach.

Specifically, K-Lite will help bridge the gap of customised ornamental (decorative) outdoor landscape. Creation is especially excited to launch K-Lite’s smart pole- an intrinsic part of their infra-structure lighting products in the region that has an integrated CCTV, speaker systems, IoT and EV charging points.
K-Lite’s smart pole
The K-Lite view
“Creation Gulf focuses on supporting its customers at the tender stage which is where we need to work. And more so, its experience and market reach is extensive enough to help us expand in this region”, says Mr. Joseph Brooks, Director – International Markets, K-Lite, India.

K-Lites’ high profile project list includes the Golden Temple, Amritsar (decorative lighting poles with post tops and facade lighting), The Statue of Unity - Gujarat (pathway/landscape lighting poles with post tops) and more recently smart poles supplied to the Egyptian Parliament (NAC), Cairo where form and function were clubbed into the smart pole for the client.
Golden Temple, Amritsar
Statue of Unity, Gujarat
Gift City, Ahmedabad
Jawahar Circle Garden, Jaipur
Over 40 years, K-Lite products have been used across India. Braving diverse weather conditions in India, from deserts in Rajasthan to coastal areas in Maharashtra & Tamil Nadu, our products are well suited to extreme conditions. At present, K-Lite exports to 27 countries globally including UK, Germany, Ireland, and others.

K-Lite is suitable for every type of terrain and weather conditions, as its products are made with virgin aluminum or hot dip galvanized for longevity. “We only use the highest quality brand of Chips such as Nichia, Cree, Lumileds, etc. Our products are made of thicker material and we only use Akzonobel paint for our outdoor range- renowned for its quality and durability,” says Mr. Brooks.

Currently, K-Lite has planted its vision on automation, IoT and smart lighting in order to upgrade its portfolio.

With its extensive product range and its ability to customise, with the only caveat being quantity, K-Lite is all set to forge ahead in a growing market which has sophisticated needs.
Light Tip

Layer those spotlights
Try using spotlights to reveal silhouettes, or layers that make for a dramatic effect. Avoid grouping a lot of fixtures and instead position several spotlights with different angles toward the object you wish to illuminate, like a garden statue or topiary.

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