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The Bridge over at the Manar Mall

February - 2021
Dharmendra Patel - MD
Enhancing the sensory experience of any space is key to creating a powerful and vivid memory strong enough to make visitors want to return to it.

Light offers amazing possibilities in this sphere. Integrating a fully dynamic control system enables ultimate flexibility of light scenes evolving from one minute, hour or day to another. Thereby changing the view whilst creating a new experience for the viewer each time they visit - providing a consistent feeling of being in wonder.

At the bridge looking on the sea at Al Manar mall, team Creation have done just that- Helped curate a sensory experience by controlling the lights on the bridge.

The Bridge over at the Manar Mall

Consultant: Cracknell
MEP Contractor: Electro RAK

Light can bring alive any installation or environment—It can be effectively used to add drama to the geometry of structures, hide flaws and/or highlight the aesthetical aspect of any space.

Check out the bridge adjoining the Manar Mall in Ras Al Khaimah and you get the drift. The lines of its dramatic canopy are fitted with thousands of dancing LEDs that bring alive its striking geometry.
Geometric angles at the Manar Mall Walkway Bridge
Apart from providing orientation and increasing safety, lighting effects are often used to create atmosphere. Urban marketing practitioners have discovered the significance of lighting and are using light to enhance the “linger” appeal of particular areas, especially in town centres.

The requirements that modern lighting systems have to meet are high. The luminaires have to operate in all weathers, comply with lighting regulations and consume as little energy as possible. And therefore, the need for efficient light control systems cannot be overemphasised.

Lending the magic touch to the Al Manar Mall Bridge is the sophisticated lighting control system put in place by Creation. The 60m by 6m bridge features 75 angled frames, fitted with pixel-controlled lights that can be used to create multiple effects. For lighting controls, the e:cue system from Traxon proved to be the most suitable choice along with Artistic Licence for the accessories for distribution of data. These products are capable of offering dynamic lighting control for this pixel control light installation that allows the client to create various dynamic effects—the UAE national Flag being one of them.
Dynamic Light Effect at Manar Mall Bridge
The control systems were fitted under a tight deadline, owing to which, we carried out multiple online meetings (due to COVID, not every concerned person was in a position to meet). We carried out tests in our office with the light suppliers and finalized many aspects of how to execute the project and program it prior to commissioning on site. This ensured minimal time was spent on-site and we were able to hand over the project within the stipulated timeline,” says Mr. Dharmendra Patel, Managing Director, Creation.
Light Tip

Integrated and Seamless
It doesn’t matter if you need to light an historical or a contemporary structure. Your luminaires should always integrate seamlessly into the architecture, not seen by day, but bring a different dimension to the structure by nightfall. This is achieved through an uncompromising approach to the luminaires and its design.

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