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Helvar's Centennial Jubilee focuses on the next 100 years

March - 2021
Dharmendra Patel - MD

Happy 100th birthday Helvar!

It gives me and my team great pleasure in applauding Helvar’s commendable journey through the century on this momentous occasion. Hats off to your tremendous contribution to the lighting industry. Your dedication to path breaking innovation that is people centric has changed the environments we live and work in. And therein lies your most significant service to the well-being of humanity. May the next 100 years see you strive ahead on this mission.
Helvar 100 Years Badge
Helvar Centennial Jubilee focuses on the next 100 years!
Finland based Helvar turns 100 this month and is awe inspiring. We applaud their journey and their contribution to the Lighting industry while Helvar stands up tall and takes a bow. Apart from Finland, Helvar also has regional offices in Sweden & United Kingdom, and works closely with a network of expert partners in over 50 countries. Creation began representing Helvar in the Middle East in 2014 and their products are installed across many prestigious projects in the region.

Founded in 1921, Helvar Oy Ab is an international lighting technologies company specialising in intelligent and energy-saving lighting solutions. Intelligent lighting is essential to the well-being of employees, customers, visitors, and patients, and it helps to achieve sustainability targets. They are one of the global leaders in intelligent lighting solutions and LED luminaire components, providing both innovative DALI wired and wireless solutions. Helvar lighting control solutions and luminaire components help to create smart environments built for the future. With projects spanning from hospitals, schools, workplaces to cruise ships and airports, Helvar designs open and flexible solutions for lighting across a range of applications.

Hundred events to mark 100 years!
To mark its centennial year, Helvar is hosting 100 events through 2021 in which leading keynotes will offer a window into some fascinating visions of the future.
The preliminary online event kicked off early this month. Called ‘Helvar 100 - Discovering Brighter Spaces’ it brought together top brass and leading visionaries who elaborated on the brand’s successful stint thus far and offered amazing insights into what will drive its success in the future.
The Chairman, and member of the owner family Philip Aminoff, attributed Helvar’s success to its ability to adapt and move with the times. Down the road too, the same adaptability will define its healthy growth he said. The company will have to build on its core competencies and continuously engage in soul searching. “What are we good at, where can we build on, how can we add unique value and how can we remain independent are some of the questions we need to address,” he said.

Commenting on its mission to ‘Turn Everyday Places into Brighter Spaces’, which are perfectly functional, intelligent and designed for the future, Adel Hattab, CEO, Helvar, explained that BRIGHT’ refers to intelligent real time data gathered to create algorithms to get insights into designing better living and working spaces for the betterment of society. “The benefits of tying lighting conditions to circadian rhythms is quantifiable and research points to proven gains of up to 12% in productivity levels of individuals. That combined with savings of 22000 tons of carbon emissions is like the equivalent of driving 1,60,000kms in a car!

UK based Alan Jackson, Chief Evangelist Helvar, emphasised that buildings of the future are about ‘YOU’!

“It is important for buildings to be optimised for individuals and groups in future as we spend almost 90% of our time in an indoor environment. The idea is to build intelligent autonomous buildings that require minimal human intervention that promote health, safety and well-being of its inhabitants.”

Helvar enters the next century with a Bang! Launches New DALI-2 Flagship Imagine Solution
Taking the lighting world into the next century is Helvar’s new introduction -The flagship 950 Router-a certified DALI-2 multi-master application controller. The router is the world’s leading intelligent lighting control and management solution. It brings well-being and intelligence into a space, offering efficiency and scalability for a wide variety of applications.

DALI-2 is the latest version of DALI. It offers improved interoperability between different vendors’ products through mandatory certification, more features such as energy data, but most importantly, it includes the addition of control devices which were not included in the original DALI.

“This is a proud moment and a great achievement for us! Helvar has a long history of innovation in DALI based controls. Now with DALI-2, it allows our benefits and expertise to be brought into the DALI-2 offering," says Thet Oo, Director of Wired Solutions, Helvar.

For designers, Helvar's added value of DALI-2 benefits ensure that they are specifying a modern and futureproof building with the multi-vendor operability and the freedom to design according to their vision.

A simple example of an added benefit beyond the standard is the ability for Helvar Imagine to easily scale far beyond the standard 16 lighting groups limited by DALI/ DALI-2. The solution can go up to 65,000 groups at a system level and 255 groups at a DALI network level, providing the unique ability to deliver mega-projects on DALI, such as the new Istanbul airport (which happens to be the largest airport in the world).
Helvar Lighting Controls - Imagine 950 Router Solution - Imagine Endless Possibilities
DALI-2 Multi-master Customer Case -
Students and managers of the Tampere University of Applied Sciences, Finland are the first people to taste the benefits of DALI- 2

Helvar has been providing DALI control solutions to Tampere University for several years. It is the second largest University of Applied Sciences in Finland with over 10,000 students. In November 2020, the building upgraded to the DALI-2 Helvar Imagine 950 solution.

“We provide education for lighting and lighting control systems, so for us and our students it’s important that we have access to the latest lighting control technology,” commends Kari Kallioharju, Senior Lecturer, Building Services Engineering of Tampere University. "Another aspect of good lighting and lighting control is to support the health and well-being of our staff and students. This latest project with the 950 Router complements our existing system. It also responds to the changing requirements of the future. We continue the cooperation with Helvar in the future because it’s always a pleasure to work with the front runners."
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